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Franchise Detours

Mar 25, 2022

George Miller started the Mad Max franchise as an indie filmmaker. But by the third film, Hollywood was ready to enter the Wasteland with Mel Gibson's title character facing off against music icon Tina Turner.

On this episode, Megan Kearns of Spoilerpiece Theatre joins the show as we talk about Mad Max: Beyond Thunderdome. We'll discuss how the movie continues the series' evolution, its PG-13 rating, and why it's so underrated.


In the third of the Mad Max movies, Max (Mel Gibson) drifts into Bartertown, ruled by Aunty Entity (Tina Turner). There he becomes a gladiator and gets dumped in the desert where he is rescued by a band of feral orphans who have been looking for help for years. When several of them take his appearance as a sign and go off into the desert, he follows them back to the town.

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