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Franchise Detours

May 5, 2023

Evil Dead was only the second mega-series Franchise Detours covered. So it's only right that, with writer-director Lee Cronin's Evil Dead Rise now in theaters, we take a franchise u-turn back to that series. After a full decade of rest from the big screen, what are those pesky Deadites up to this time?

Rob briefly interrupts the ongoing Planet of the Apes mega-series to touch base with the latest Evil Dead film. He'll discuss his spoiler-filled thoughts on the movie, speculate what it could set up for the future of Evil Dead, and share some feedback from friends of the show regarding Evil Dead Rise.

Piecing It Together’s EVIL DEAD RISE live show:

Matt Donato’s IGN review of EVIL DEAD RISE:

Sara Michelle Fetters’ MovieFreak review of EVIL DEAD RISE:

Ryan Luis Rodriguez’s Letterboxd review of EVIL DEAD RISE:

Suns and Shadows non-spoiler review for EVIL DEAD RISE:

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